Class: HasRelationCondition

$k. HasRelationCondition

new $k.HasRelationCondition()

A condition that selects elements that have relations of a specific type.



setTransitivity(min, max, boolean)

Set the transitivity of the relation. This defines how many relations are traversed.

Name Type Description
min number optional

Minimal number of relations to traverse. If undefined, at least one relation must exist. Must be an integer >= 1.

max number optional

Maximum number of relations to traverse. If undefined or INF, any number of relations are traversed. Must be INF or an integer >= 1 and >= min

boolean boolean optional

True if only the shortest path between two elements should be traversed

  • 4.1.0

targetQuery() : $k.StructuredQuery

Returns the subquery for the relation target, or undefined if there is none

  • 4.1.0
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