Class: MQTTClient

$k. MQTTClient

new $k.MQTTClient(url, qos)

Creates a new MQTTClient

Name Type Description
url string

URL of the broker

qos number optional

Default quality of service

Abstract superclass of Javascript objects that wrap a i-views object


asyncPublish(payload, topic, qos)

Publish the data in a background process. Returns immediately

Name Type Description
payload object
topic string
qos number
  • 5.2.2
  • MQQTClient#publish

publish(payload, topic, qos, url) : boolean

Publish something (bytes, string, js-object) under the given topic with optional quality of service (default is 0).

Name Type Description
payload object

payload to be published will be stringified and/or utf-8 encoded for transport

topic string

topic to be published to

qos number

quality of service (0,1,2) - default is 0

url string optional

deprecated, pass the URL in the constructor

  • 5.2.0
Type Description
boolean returns true if publish succesful, false otherwise